Well seems this donkey just kicked that same stone again and I swear it’ll this will never happened again.

As you well know my Ex got in touch with me last week and mentioned in a text that she was single. At first I wasn’t planning on replying as before to was leading me on while still with her boyfriend of three years. But you can read about all that in my earlier post and this is not what this post is about.

Against my better judgement I decided on messaging her. We chatted for for the better part of the day and we got in to her break up. This jackass that she was dating broke up with her after three years due to the fact that did not share the same things in common. Pathetic I know but here comes the kicker of it all he broke up with her via text and when she asked my not do this in person and replies with he didn’t want to drive out of his way to her place and not to mention all this happened shortly after Valentines Day. She told me she was pretty broken up by it all and she was over him and have no intention of ever going back to him.

Over the never few days we chatted and even got on the tpoic of the two of us together again which at this point i was all for and well I still have or should say had feeling for her. So saturday night we talked on the phone till midnight and all was great, or so I thought.

I hadn’t heard from her at all for the whole of Sunday so after dinner I mesage her asking if she was ok. No reply. Monday night I messaged her again and still nothing. This was very much unlike her as in the past she always replied and if she was asleep she would reply when she wakes up. She has even replied to me at times when she wakes up in the early hours of the morning when she had to use the washroom. So it wasn’t in her nature not to reply. I never gave her a reason while we chatted to be angry with me so this was very strange. So Wednesday I messaged her again and still nothing.

So I have came to the conclusion she has or had no intentintion of getting back with me or even be friends. I’ve came to the conclusion that she was hurting and was looking to act on revenge and since I was an easy target and knew I had feelings for her that I was a prime target to make me feel the kind of hurt she went through.

Well I dont really care what her excuse or reasoning behind all this was, cause as of now this donkey is dont kicking that stone. I will not stoop so low again and reply to her. As of today we are done. period.

How desprite do you think I am

Anyone that’s read any of my earlier posts will know that my luck with woman is well non-existent and also my expedience with one of my ex’s. I’m not going to get in to it again.

But basically we broke it off (mutual agreement) 3 years ago and shortly after she met someone else. I chose to ignore her requests to chat from time to time and three years late, they still together and I was still single. As a sign of weakness on my part I replied to a text she sent last year and we messaged for a while, bring up all repressed feelings I had for her. Anyhow even though she was “in love” with this guy and after three years they have yet to have moved in together and only see each other on weekends. Well to me that’s no relationship. Either way in our messages she made it seem we had a chance till one day I had enough as it was emotionally hurting me and so I blocked her on my facebook.

So 4 months later out of the blue I get a text on my phone asking how am I and that she’s single now. I have a pretty good idea who it is and how desperate she think I am, as if now I’m going to forget her leading me on and go back to her. Not a chance. I may be single and probably will never date again, but hell no will I just settle.

I hate being lead on to believe one things and then like taking a carrot away from a donkey it just not right. Just pisses me off to think woman find it ok to lead guys on. ok give I’m sure men do the same.

Well since I have no one offline to tell this, I had to put this in a blog to release this frustration. phew feels better.

Vent for the week

Never amazes me how much people can get away with things when they do enough kissing up or to rough put who they blow in the office.

There are enough people in this world who would like nothing better to have a job and have something stable so they get have a better life or even people who have jobs and give 100% each day but when it comes to some form of regocnition like a raise or promotion, they get passed up each year.

Yet there are some people in this world that by building a close friendship with the boss, they feel it’s right to play with thier job and give no consideration with the other team members.

It’s one thing calling in sick from time to time but calling in sick almost every week and more time than most on a monday or friday, no doubt probably suffering from a hangover is just pathetic. What angers me most is these people get the regonition for a job well done and get the underserved raise.

Up to me I’d fire the bitch.

Friend zone….

So I guess there is a fine line when it comes to liking someone and becoming that poor sap who falls in that friends zone category. How exactly can that be avoided, how can you tell???

So a few weeks back I began a texting this girl that showed some interest in me. Cute girl and easy to talk to. We so far been messaging each other for a couple of days now. Ordinarily I would have mentioned to her about having coffee sometime or catch a movie. But at some point we came to talking about our current situation and she brought up that she doesn’t date cause the fact she works quite late during the week and seeing someone only on weekends is not the ideal situation for a new relationship.

Now some ways I can understand that, though that doesn’t mean you have to live your life alone. If that was the case most people in the legal and medical industry would be single. I say you make it work regardless. So I figured I keep messaging her build a friendship, give her the chance to get to know me and if her job situation changes that maybe we would give things a try.

But now here comes the kicker, last night she mentions to me that last weekend she went out with a guy, I’m cool with that after all we were not dating, and along with our conversation that night she hints to me by using a scene from Friends, about the friend zone. At which point I ask her if that’s possibly how she see me. Now I can see why she would say that, as we have been chatting for a while and haven’t yet met, but on the other hand she told me she wasn’t dating. lol all very confusing.

Now you probably thinking I should have asked her out anyway, and you right I should have but I wanted her to feel comfortable and I was been respectful of her feelings, plus wanted to show her the kind of guy I am. That way she can decided if she wants to meet up and not. And at least our time isn’t wasted.

lol so seems I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t. Guess maybe some people are just meant to be alone.

Too serious?!?

So this post is going to about something else, instead of my love life or lack ok. No this time around I’m going to be talking about people taking things a bit too serious when it comes to online gaming.

If you have a smart phone, you probably heard of this game and probably seen a commercial for it from time to time. Clash of clans. Now ordinarily I don’t play these strategies games, more of a first person shooter or racing Sims, but since most of my friends that I bowl with play this I figured I give it a shot.
Now I’m not that good, finding a good strategy or method of attack. Plus my “army” was quite weaker than the rest of my clan as they had plenty of time to build up their strength. Anyway so I’ve been playing for a few months now and had some helpful tips from fellow clan members. And occasionally I get a star or two. But most of the time my army was defeated as they were not strong enough. And it not like I was making them lose.
So the other day I received a notice that I was booted from the clan, which I cool this. as I said these type of games is not favorite. But what got under my skin was that it came from people I thought where my friends. Guess friendship doesn’t mean much any more.

So I ask you why are people taking these things so serious, not like you losing money or respect. It’s a game nothing more. So Chill out.

Single over involved

There are two types of people in the world. The ones that enjoy being single and those the would rather be with someone they care deeply for.

Time and time again you would hear people saying or rather I should say men that it great being single. And to a point that maybe true but rather these guys are the same guys that rather be single as then they can get a one night stand from time to time and not worry about attachment or be considered a cheat. To be able to night after night and be with a different woman or be able to go out and not have to worry about how their girlfriend would feel about him not being with her.

Sure being single is great, get to do what you want and not have to worry about how the other person would feel. You get to spend more money on yourself. The list could go one. Now then you have those guys that would rather be attached. For the obvious reasons, knowing that there is someone out there that loves you, to be able to wake up in the morning and smiling knowing that later today you going to be with that one person you care for. Also the affection you receive is real and not a form of lust. Theres nothing like the feeling of a persons lips on your a getting that feeling they she or he wants you.

Now for some it’s easy to find that someone and for some its a mission that seems to fail every time. And those are the people that would rather be with someone as every time they walk out that door and get reminder that they are single, not by choice but rather that there is no other option. And the longer they are single the more they will give up and no longer be able to distinguish what love is. They would not recognize when someone is flirting with them and rather look away and wish for the day to end so they could go to sleep and wait for their lives to end. People say what is the worst that can happen, that they say no, but if you get a ratio of more no than yes, sooner or later you will break and just give up and be come so closed that you would not let any people in and in turn never feel love.

Whats wrong with society


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