Friend zone….

So I guess there is a fine line when it comes to liking someone and becoming that poor sap who falls in that friends zone category. How exactly can that be avoided, how can you tell???

So a few weeks back I began a texting this girl that showed some interest in me. Cute girl and easy to talk to. We so far been messaging each other for a couple of days now. Ordinarily I would have mentioned to her about having coffee sometime or catch a movie. But at some point we came to talking about our current situation and she brought up that she doesn’t date cause the fact she works quite late during the week and seeing someone only on weekends is not the ideal situation for a new relationship.

Now some ways I can understand that, though that doesn’t mean you have to live your life alone. If that was the case most people in the legal and medical industry would be single. I say you make it work regardless. So I figured I keep messaging her build a friendship, give her the chance to get to know me and if her job situation changes that maybe we would give things a try.

But now here comes the kicker, last night she mentions to me that last weekend she went out with a guy, I’m cool with that after all we were not dating, and along with our conversation that night she hints to me by using a scene from Friends, about the friend zone. At which point I ask her if that’s possibly how she see me. Now I can see why she would say that, as we have been chatting for a while and haven’t yet met, but on the other hand she told me she wasn’t dating. lol all very confusing.

Now you probably thinking I should have asked her out anyway, and you right I should have but I wanted her to feel comfortable and I was been respectful of her feelings, plus wanted to show her the kind of guy I am. That way she can decided if she wants to meet up and not. And at least our time isn’t wasted.

lol so seems I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t. Guess maybe some people are just meant to be alone.

Too serious?!?

So this post is going to about something else, instead of my love life or lack ok. No this time around I’m going to be talking about people taking things a bit too serious when it comes to online gaming.

If you have a smart phone, you probably heard of this game and probably seen a commercial for it from time to time. Clash of clans. Now ordinarily I don’t play these strategies games, more of a first person shooter or racing Sims, but since most of my friends that I bowl with play this I figured I give it a shot.
Now I’m not that good, finding a good strategy or method of attack. Plus my “army” was quite weaker than the rest of my clan as they had plenty of time to build up their strength. Anyway so I’ve been playing for a few months now and had some helpful tips from fellow clan members. And occasionally I get a star or two. But most of the time my army was defeated as they were not strong enough. And it not like I was making them lose.
So the other day I received a notice that I was booted from the clan, which I cool this. as I said these type of games is not favorite. But what got under my skin was that it came from people I thought where my friends. Guess friendship doesn’t mean much any more.

So I ask you why are people taking these things so serious, not like you losing money or respect. It’s a game nothing more. So Chill out.

Single over involved

There are two types of people in the world. The ones that enjoy being single and those the would rather be with someone they care deeply for.

Time and time again you would hear people saying or rather I should say men that it great being single. And to a point that maybe true but rather these guys are the same guys that rather be single as then they can get a one night stand from time to time and not worry about attachment or be considered a cheat. To be able to night after night and be with a different woman or be able to go out and not have to worry about how their girlfriend would feel about him not being with her.

Sure being single is great, get to do what you want and not have to worry about how the other person would feel. You get to spend more money on yourself. The list could go one. Now then you have those guys that would rather be attached. For the obvious reasons, knowing that there is someone out there that loves you, to be able to wake up in the morning and smiling knowing that later today you going to be with that one person you care for. Also the affection you receive is real and not a form of lust. Theres nothing like the feeling of a persons lips on your a getting that feeling they she or he wants you.

Now for some it’s easy to find that someone and for some its a mission that seems to fail every time. And those are the people that would rather be with someone as every time they walk out that door and get reminder that they are single, not by choice but rather that there is no other option. And the longer they are single the more they will give up and no longer be able to distinguish what love is. They would not recognize when someone is flirting with them and rather look away and wish for the day to end so they could go to sleep and wait for their lives to end. People say what is the worst that can happen, that they say no, but if you get a ratio of more no than yes, sooner or later you will break and just give up and be come so closed that you would not let any people in and in turn never feel love.

Bad boy or an easy route.

First off to anyone who read this blog, if you’re new or one of the few that actually follows and cares what I have to say Happy New Year and I hope you and you loved ones have a joyful and healthy 2015.

So now on to the matter at hand. What is the reasoning why woman like the bad boy type and over look the guys that would bend over backwards to ensure they are happy. Why would a woman rather date a guy that will without a doubt physically hurt them or worse lead them into a direction that would be harm to herself and her family. Time and time again we hear stories of woman been beaten, abused and torn away from her family all in the name of her bad boy love. What is so great about being with a guy that has a bad boy image. Just because they have that image does not been they going to be fun to be with, sure in the beginning but what will happen later when you in jail because of his actions, or get tired of you and hurt you after finding him with another woman or worse what if you fall pregnant and ruin you life.

Why I brought this topic to view is well today I heard my neighbours arguing and from what I heard he said some very hurtful comments, Why she’s with him I will never know. They have a child together, a newborn at that so they pretty much stuck with each other. I know he’s that bad boy type cause he has mentioned to me before that he’s been to prison and no a fan of the law enforcement. Plus day after day that smell of weed can be smelt coming from him place, he goes out all hours of the day and drinks with his buddies. She’s a beautiful woman so why she chose to be with a fool like him I will never know.

So makes me wonder why women prefer the dangerous type over a good guy, the easy route. Just because we don’t have a bad bone in our body does not make us boring.  We’d bend over backwards to ensure they happen and as no one can promise to hurt them, we can promise that we’d not do it intentionally. Well I guess if thats what woman want these days then I will not feel sorry for them if they get hurt, would be their own fault. They wanted this life…

Naive or just stupidity.

So if you been following any of my previous blogs you would have read that I was in contact again with my EX who I haven’t heard from in 4 years. Not really go in to it again a my previous blog pretty much cover it. But in the end it messed me up emotionally. I had a emotional break down and decided that it was time to get over her and break all ties with her so that I could get on with my life, cause it was becoming obvious to me that we would never be together again even though she led me to believe something was still there.

So for the past 4 weeks i’ve ignored her attempts to message  me and week after week she would message me asking why I’m ignoring her, and tonight to messages yet again saying that she hasn’t even done anything wrong……Really. Is he so stupid not to realize that she was hurting me. She knows I’ single and that I still have feelings for her and that she has a boyfriend. Leading me on to think that we might have a chance with messaging me every day, asking to skype so we can see each other, call each other cause she like to hear my voice.

Prime example, she when with her friends to a strip club as a bachelorette party and she was message me about what was happening in the club, why she not messaging  her boyfriend.  She would be texting me during her lunch break. There was even a time I woke up at 3 in the morning, (couldn’t sleep) so I went on Facebook. with in minutes she messaged me and chatted for an hour. Long story short she throwing me all these signals and then to tell me she loves her boyfriend, why is beyond me. Dating for three years and they only see each other on the weekends, because he’s busy during the week. Hell I’d make time, to see her, even if it was just for lunch. And furthermore they don’t even live together, after three years. I’ve never heard of a relationship like this. His excuse is money, please I know people at work that doesn’t make much and they still find a way to make it work.

How can she not see this, I know love is blind but thats only true to a degree. Maybe she’s the only one they would put up with him and she him. For pete sake he has a child from a previous relationship, not marriage and doesn’t want more kids, but she does… This is a decision that the two of you should make not take it upon yourself and say no and disregard her feeling about having kids.

I’ve finally gotten to the point that she means nothing to me, why can she not get the picture……


Sacrifices, we all have been there at some point in our lives that we have sacrifices ourselves in pleasing someone else, be it with a purchase, money, job or love.

We all have done it and for the most part we dont judge. for inatance we dont just a woman that sacrifices her career to rather stay home and take care of her child or children. As stupid as that maybe it’s her decision. Ssame can be said for someone that quits his job to go and work some place else that pays more. He/she rather sacrifices a stable job to rather earn a bit more money and ensure he can enjoy the luxuries of life.

I myself have sacrificed so much. My currently postion says it all, I work for a company for 6 years have yet to recieve a raise or bonous and I disagree with their thinking but my job is stable and it allows me to pay my morgage. I could leave but then risk the chance of losing that job a few months in, so I rather sacrifice my chance of imporvement so that I can keep my place of living.

But what I sacrifice most is my personel life or more to the point my love life. I realize that in my earlier posts I made a issue of being along and thats something that will always be in the back of my head and I’ve accepted it, but I rather sacrifice my love life with taking care of my mother fincially and emotionally. I’m soon to be 35 and yes my mother lives with me. For most woman thats a issue and in some ways I can understand that, but they should rather hear the whole story and considering everything that has happened to me over the years and for what she has done for me. I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s my right as a son and family member to take care of her. And how is it any different from a son taking care of their sick mother, ok given my mother is not sick but is in need of my help. So I’d rather stay single and never have to be with a woman romantically than to abandon my mother. A sacrifice I will just have to learn to live with.

The sacrifies we make in life, make us what and who we are today.

Whats wrong with society


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